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How Review Manuscript Submission Can Be Done :

When submitting a manuscript for an initial review, please ensure the following are completed before approving your PDF copy:

1) The paper must be original, has not been previously published and under consideration for publication elsewhere.

2) Spend the time and effort to write a manuscript that is clear and grammatically correct. Please send your manuscript for proofreading before submission.

3) Also make sure that the similarity index of submitted manuscript is below 20% otherwise Conference Organizer will not responsible if the manuscript is rejected by Publisher even though the manuscript has been accepted, registered and paid for the conference.

4) Conference Organizer will not be checked for similarity index, accuracy, copyedited, typeset, or proofread. The responsibility for similarity index, scientific accuracy and file functionality remains with the authors.

5) Paper Template

6) Please ensure that all references are accurate, complete and correctly punctuated and styled. In particular, please ensure the appropriate use of bold or italic styling for individual components of the reference.

7) For full-length paper, minimum page is 6 and maximum page is 10 including an abstract, references, tables, figures and appendices.

8) Papers must be sent in PDF format through [ EDAS ] . Submission is full-length paper submission. Abstracts without the completed paper will NOT be accepted.

9) All Authors must be registered under EDAS ]

After Acceptance (If your paper -> ACCEPTED (As Is/Minor/Major) :

When submitting a revised/final manuscript, ensure that the following requirements are met:

1) Make sure your paper status in EDAS is PAID by making payment to the Organizer or Organizer’s Event Management company. Only PAID registrations are allowed to upload copyright form and revised/final manuscript.

2) Name a Presenter by visiting your EDAS paper information link and click + sign under Presenter row. Check the radio button selection and hit “Add Another Presenter” button.

3) Copyright Transfer Form

  • Download <MALTESAS Copyright>
  • One author may sign on behalf of all of the authors of a particular paper, provided that permission to do so has been accorded by the other authors in advance.
  • Scan the copyright form and save it as a PDF/JPG/PNG after you sign it.
  • DO NOT type your name in script. It won’t count as a signature.
  • Digital signatures are also NOT

4) Upload Copyright Transfer Form and Revised/Final Manuscript (in DOCX/.DOC only, not PDF) in EDAS.

Presentation Method

  1. Each presentation carries 12 minutes of presentation with 3 minutes question and answer session.
  2. Presentation during the conference day must be in English.
  3. Each session will be chaired by one Chair Person and Time Keeper.
  4. Certificate will be given after each session of presentation is finished.
  5. Any additional rules will be implemented from time to time during the presentation day by the Head of Registrar Committee.

Virtual Presentation

  1. Those who are unable to resolve the funding issue concerning the conference expenses will be provided with an alternative approach for participation, namely, Virtual Presentation.
  2. Those who would like to make their presentations online from their home countries will also be awarded with a certificate (e-certificate) and their papers will be considered for publications similar to other participants as if they were present physically.
  3.  Authors can submit their video presentations by uploading the video file on YouTube ( and send their video link (e-mail to
  4.  These presentations will be uploaded in the MALTESAS YouTube conference link so that conference participants will have access to all virtual presentations during and after the conference.
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